Hello all,

Wanted to apoligize for our website being down for the last few months, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience to you. BUT… our webmaster, Josh, is in the process of building the band a new website, so much Band news (all GOOD, a couple of NEW band members, They’re GOOD, and We’re Good Together!!). The new website will be blog-based and very friendly and hopefully interesting and informative to you. We’ll get our dates up quickly and hope to see you at some of them. Also, I’m gonna start (famous last words) a regular on-going blog that I hope you will chek out (and spend your opinion,too) on a regular basis. With your help and feedback, our give and take will hopefully be fun for us all. With all these great, new opportunities to connect with friends and with people in general, I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while, it seems like a great thing to do! Over the last twenty-five (WOW) years, I’ve had the chance to meet and become friends with so many people , and the sad thing is, I don’t get the chance to visit with them near as much or as often as I’d like to. Over time, hopefully thru the blog, we’ll get to visit and connect more often. That would be great IMHO !! I plan to start posting blogs ASAP, so I’d love for you to chek back as often as you can and I want your feedback. For now, take care!! David