April will be a busy month for DDWRB. Our online pre-release sale for our comimg recording, “Didn’t He Ramble” Songs of Charlie Poole will begin in the early part of the month. Our band website will be redesigned by then, a facelift reminiscent of the new recording’s artwork. We’ll include alot of the shots from the album’s photo session. We did the photo session in three different Franklin, Tennessee locations early last December. We got alot of great shots and had a real fun day. The locations were really appropriate for the feel of the album. I even got to bring a few little pieces of furniture and things to add to the scenes. One of the shots we did was around an old Victrola I had bought a few months before the shoot was scheduled. I had decided we didn’t have a place for it and tried to sell it twice with no luck. So when we were thinking about some things that would look appropriate and help the interior shots, someone mentioned a Victrola would be great, but where could we get one? So we used my Victrola in the shot and it looked great! Like I said, I had tried twice to sell it, I’m really glad that didn’t happen. Now Cindy and I just decided to find it a place in the house! Yes, it plays too!

April is a busy month of roadwork for the band, also! We’ll be in Lucketts,Virginia, Bristol, Virginia, Suwanee, Georgia, Nacodoches, Texas, Sheffield, Mass., Bainbridge, New York, and Saratoga Springs, New York. You can get the particulars for each date on our website. Hope to see you at one of these shows, we’ll be doing alot of songs from the new recording!

Hope you’ll check back often to the website (www.daviddavisandwrb.com) and blog. I have been writing a new one each Monday, but barely made it this time. Got busy around the house today and stormy weather was coming through the area tonight.

Talk again soon,