Hello Everybody!

Hope all is going well with you and, if your like us, ready for Spring to arrive for good!

Wanted to let you know some new things happening with the Band, all exciting to us, for sure!

We’ll have a new record release coming soon on Rounder Records. “Didn’t He Ramble” Songs of Charlie Poole is the title. You folks that know the name Charlie Poole and his importance to early roots music know of his great catalogue of recorded material (1925-1930), that it was greatly accepted by that generation’s audience and know the importance of evolving, re-imagining and re-establishing that material to offer today’s audiences, as artists from many genres have done throughout the years, making Poole an iconic figure in the Roots Music progression.

We had released one of Charlie Poole’s songs, “Milwaukee Blues” on an earlier recording and realized how rich his catalogue was and how easily his material evolved into the way we played music, and felt it important to acquaint today’s audiences (if they weren’t familiar) to the name Charlie Poole and his importance to the Music Chain. In Bob Dylan’s 2017 acceptance lecture for the Nobel Prize in Literature, he mentioned Charlie Poole.

We’re happy of the recording concept and the way the recording came together, it’s really a good one that we think you’ll love. There will be a pre-release, online presale offer coming soon and we’ll keep you updated on that and hope you’ll pre-order early! We’ll have some extra things to add to the pre-sale package as a way of saying “thank you” for ordering early!
Check back often to the band’s website and blog (www.daviddavisandwrb.com), we’ll keep you posted on everything!

Also, wanted to welcome The Andrea Roberts Agency (www.andrearobertsagency.com) to our musical family and tell you that Andrea will be handling DDWRB’s booking. I’ve known Andrea for alot of years, we’re really comfortable being a part of ARA’s artist roster. She’s a great person, a great business person, a traditionalist with a passion for the music and it’s promotion. She’s also a great bass player, as alot of you will remember when she travelled in some great bands.

I’ll close for now, do remember to check back often, I’ll have a new blog every week (each Monday) and maybe some throughout the week! Alot of good things going on, and we want you to know about it! A blog is a great way for us to stay connected and get to know each other better! Got alot of stories and news to share and I’ve realized how much I do enjoy the writing part of this!

You take care, talk soon!

David Davis