Howdy Everybody
Well, it’s just about time for school to be finished for a while, so where are we gonna carry the kids for fun and somewhere we’ll have a good time, too! I got just the place for you ! Head out to Branson, Mo., get you a good room and a good night’s sleep, then head over to the best Theme Park in America, Silver Dollar City. When you get inside, you’ll immediately feel like you’ve time-travelled back a hundred years, to a time (“the good old days”) that your grandparents talked about, or maybe you’ve saw on T.V. Yes, it really feels good!! Don’t hesitate to speak to every one of the City’s characters, they’re gonna brighten your day, (guarantee it), they are a great Family! Be sure to ask where is D.A. Callaway, D.A. is the guy responsible with booking all the music at the Bluegrass & Bar-Be-Que Festival, and I imagine All the music during the year at S.D.C. He’ll be sportin’ a big cowboy hat and vest and the biggest “welcome folks” smile at the City. After you’ve walked around a while and enjoyed some of the sites and sounds, have yourself a good lunch (there’s more good eats than you can shake a stick at). Oh yeah!!, be sure and ask D.A. how his garden is lookin’, and if he’s gonna “can” anything this year! I’ll bet he will!! Then if you haven’t found the Boatworks Theatre yet, just ask one of the folks at the City, and they’ll tell you. It’s probably gettin’ close to 2 o’clock by now, so come on down to the Boatworks stage and sit down and enjoy some Bluegrass music by “your’s truly” and all The Warrior River Boys. We’ll be doing four shows between 2 and 6 pm. every day from May 25th through May 28th, right there at the Boatworks Theatre. We’ll have a lot of time to visit while we’re there, so I hope you’ll acquaint yourselves with the Band. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, get yourself a schedule as you enter the gates and then you’ll know where All the stages are around the City and show times for each stage. There’s more Bluegrass music featuring some of the most popular acts in the business at the City during the Bluegrass & Bar-Be-Que Festival than you’ll ever see at one place for the price of one ticket, anywhere! This Festival was voted “the best Bluegrass event of the year” in 2011, an amazing twenty-three days of Bluegrass Music from May 10 through June 3rd. As the old sayin’ goes, “All roads lead to Silver Dollar City”,….. so if you like Bluegrass music at it’s best, if you like BBQ ( best BBQ you’ll ever taste), and more importantly for us And the kids, if you enjoy stepping back in time for a little while, where things aren’t going at such a fast pace, back to where the Grandparents lived, where everybody was a neighbor, let’s go back home for a visit! We’ll see you there!!
P.S. You can get all or any information about Silver Dollar City or The Bluegrass & Bar-Be-Que Festival at .